Coastal Camera Club HDR Shoot and Processing

May 20, 9-4:00 all day HDR shoot and processing
Coastal Camera Club

Have you ever wanted to learn HDR photography? But didn’t want to buy the software with out first knowing how to capture images and use the software?

Join Karen Messick in the morning from 9-12 in Lewes Delaware and learn how to shoot bracketed images for processing. Karen will teach you how to capture bracketed image files, while making interesting compositions, by metering the dynamic range of light in the scene. Find fabulous images in the historic town of Lewes.

In the afternoon from 1:30-4:00 we will meet (see Sue for location)
and practice processing images with HDR Soft “PHOTOMATIX” software and Nik HDR Efex PRO software. Karen will show you how she uses the software and photoshop to create stunning HDR images.

For the afternoon session you will need a laptop already loaded with free trial versions of the software, a card reader to transfer the morning images to your laptop and a power cord for your laptop.

HDR Soft website for free Trial Download good for 30 days:

Nik HDR Efex Pro website for free Trial Download good for 30 days:

Suggested Gear:

A DSLR camera.
A sturdy tripod essential for bracketed images.
A cable release or remote for tripping the shutter.
Lenses from Macro, for detail opportunities, to any lens from fisheye to100 mm will be useful.

Lunch Somewhere .....$100.00 per person 10 people max.

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