Friday, December 18, 2015

New Adventures ~ "THE NUDE AS ART" Photography Workshops

Its been a while since I made a blog post, yes, because................ I have been working on a very exciting new adventure in photography. I have long been a fan of Ruth Bernhardt's photography and especially her nude work and have often thought about doing nude now the idea is coming to fruition.
Check out Ruth's book, Ruth Bernhardt The Eternal Body.
With this post I am making official, my partnership in photography workshops with a tremendous photographer from Vermont, Kiqe Bosch! He is a people and nude as art photographer and much more! 

So I reached out to Kiqe as I was taken by his work, which communicated with such visual clarity, a connection to his subjects. I wanted to know if he would entertain the idea of co-leading "THE NUDE AS ART" workshops. After a little conversation, to my delight he agreed! So in early December I made a trip to New England and met him, engaged in a studio shoot with two models and visited the Rudyard Kipling Estate as a potential venue for our first offering of "THE NUDE AS ART" photography workshop.

When we walked into the Estate, immediately both of us were taken by the photographic opportunity the house, carriage house and landscape offered. Within 24 hours we had made a deposit!
I appreciated Kiqe's professionalism in setting up the studio and models to work with! They were fabulous! He reserved space in a local dance studio and had lots of creative ideas for working with the models.
I could go on and on about the photographic experience...but I will let a few of the images I made that day speak to the experience.
After much work together, we have launched today the links to register for this very special photographic event! We will only be able to accommodate ten participants as we will actually be staying in The Rudyard Kipling Estate for three nights! (We have one preregistration so there are 9 spaces left)
Yes, you will be sleeping in either the Carriage House or The Rudyard Kipling house! How special is that! We will have catered meals in the house and dine together on premises! This promises to be an immersive experience in photography with two talented artists and educators in an amazing location! I hope you can join us for this very special photographic workshop! For more information and registration CLICK HERE or click on the link on the side bar of this blog. Hope you can join us there!