Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fells Point and the Privateer Festival

Drum and fife corp from Fort McHenry
The workshop group had good fun in Fells Point this morning. The Privateer Festival is happening. In the early morning we made the usual water reflection and harbor shots but as the morning wore on the costumed Privateers started arriving. I helped the group find shots and work with their camera settings. Everyone enjoyed capturing images of the people, even when a few said they didn't photograph people...the Privateers changed everything. The Festival runs through Sunday so if you can get down there, I suggest you check it out! The harsh sun was difficult to work with but we grab some shots anyway. I decided to process all the images here with Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 using the Antique Plate II filter, then in OnOne perfect effects I added the faux emulsion borders. All images were captured with the Nikon D4 fitted with a 28-300mm lens.

Friday, April 11, 2014

A little beach walk in Black and White...Nik Sliver Efex Pro 2 for conversion

Last Sunday my friend Annette and her husband Steve day tripped to the beach. We met in the afternoon for a couple hours and did some shooting in the brilliantly blue sky, wispey cloud afternoon. Not the best time but we had fun and whenever the light is so bright I always think monochrome conversion. The shadow play on the sand is fabulous with strong lighting. When processing images with Nik Sliver Efex Pro 2, I enjoy using the color filter options like in old film days choosing a red filter to create a dark sky. Catching folks doing what they do interacting with the beach and each other is fun too. Then there is the occasional beach creature like the horse shoe crab which makes a cool subject to play with at the waters edge. So don't run away from the sun, work with it!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Plant scapes in Black and White Nik Silver Efex pro 2

Saturday I led a group of photographers at the Howard Rawlings Conservatory, in Baltimore, on a photo workshop sponsored by Capital Photography Center. I was helping participants make compositions, use their cameras and understand more about photography. Afterward I made a few images in the Palm Room. The textures of the trunks and the fans on the palms were wonderful and the light was soft so I had to take the opportunity to at least go home with a few shots. While processing I decided to use a square format and convert the images to monochrome. I applied a border which emulates emulsion from the Perfect Photo Suite by On One. (RE: The border, I think iPhone photography is influencing my Big Camera Vision)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Excuse me while I swipe the sky!

Sunday I spent the day with a fellow photographer and friend Annette Conniff, rambling through Maryland shooting ice, snow and winter scenes. We planned to end the day on Kent Island hoping for a beautiful sunset on the icy Chesapeake Bay. As we stood out in the 15 degree afternoon watching the sky, we had hopes of the sunset we envisioned, as a bank of clouds moved in, but they moved in too fast and too heavy for the kind of sunset we had envisioned. As the sun was just about to set, it broke through on the horizon. So I made a traditional sunset shot, shooting at f-22 to catch a star burst. Then I went into swipe mode....and had some real fun creating the following abstract images moving the camera from left to right across the horizon as the exposure was in progress.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ethereal Ice ~ Multiple Exposures ~ Macro

The Polar Vortex created a few photo ops in our area with ice. The freeze only lasted a couple days, but long enough to freeze over a few local ponds. Snow the week before filled the shallow swale, then we had an overnight rain, and then the deep freeze. Normally the waters are clear when the freeze occurs, but the snow on the bottom of the shallow pond, created a whiter background, than normal. Usually lots of leaves are floating frozen but I think the snow also covered them. The few leaves that were frozen near the surface probably blew into the swale as the freeze was occurring. I used a 200 mm macro pointed straight down at the ice on my tripod and set the shooting menu to multiple exposure,varying the number of shots and camera position on each image. I enjoyed a few of the results and converted them to monochrome in Nik SIlver Efex Pro2.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snow days ~ and a little Snap Art 4

Nikon D4 70-200 lens ISO 100 f22 Processed in Adobe CC with Snapart4 filter applied
I love snow!!! and now when it snows I don't have to be up before the crack of dawn in the store checking to see if we have enough employees to open and dealing with corporate folks! So grateful for that! But it does mean I can get outside, shovel snow away and hit the road with my Jeep and camera, so grateful for that!!! Maryland does have some beautiful countryside but it also has no place to pull off road when you see a beautiful scene, so often you just have to pass it by. This scene is located in a park in Baltimore County. The park is an old homestead the county bought for green space. When I was a child at Christmas time, dad would drive us to my Uncle's home for Christmas day. Our route took us past these wonderful farms along Cromwell Bridge Road. I remember Mom, who was English, saying how lovely they were and reminiscent of her homeland in some way. They had a certain charm and charisma. They also exemplified a social strata which we could only imagine, with horses, barns and large stone homes. Now, this property is open to the public and is falling into disrepair. The fences are beginning to fall down and the once well maintained property is a little more rustic. It is still a great place to go and enjoy the landscape.
The snow all but obscured the high tension power wires that run along the ridge, and I was able to clone out the real distracting ones. Then I applied a little Snap Art 4 filter to achieve the painterly effect. The three tall trees added a point of interest and the fence line just draws you into the scene. The sky was beginning to clear and drifting clouds added a little interest in the white sky.
The image below is the barn on this property and I chose a stronger filter in Snap Art 4, as well as a filter called, Black Gold, in Color Efex Pro to adjust tones.
I would have made a little wider crop of this scene but the plow had been through and left a mess in the little roadway just in front of the barn. Looks like we might miss the snow that was predicted for today.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Nik Analog, Nik Color Efex Pro Flypaper presets ~ Summer, what? With only 23 Days til Christmas!!

 Processed in Adobe CC with Nik Analog and Color Efex Pro using one of the new Flypaper presets engineered for Nik Color Efex Pro. I enjoyed the lens flare in the top of this image, it just makes it feel more summer-like to me so I left it there.
Wow, this is going to be a fast holiday season! When I was in retail management, I dreaded a four week holiday days were compressed and the work intensity of each day was magnified. It was so challenging keeping up with customer demands, filling shelves, straightening racks, super long work hours and no days off! It is hard to believe there are just now 23 days til Christmas! I did some baking and decorating in the house as well as continuing along with my photography file management project all the while enjoying the sounds of Christmas music, that always gets me in the spirit!
As I was sorting image files I stopped and had to process a few I never worked on from my day trip to Cape May in the early fall.  I wanted to run a few through the new Nik Analog software and try some new Flypaper designed presets in Color Efex Pro.
The October day in Cape May was very unique, hot and summer like,  residents filled the beach. I enjoy capturing back lit subjects and this geographic location made it perfect for shooting back lit subjects in the late afternoon.
 Processed in Adobe CC with Nik plugin, Analog, and Color Efex Pro Flypaper preset. 
Cape May Ferry processed in Adobe CC with Nik Analog.
The ride on the Cape May Ferry was delightful, with no summer time traffic or crowds. The awnings for the back deck were still in place giving me an opportunity to make a simple, but summer like image.
So there you have it, summer is gone, the beach house is closed...time to get shopping, decorating and card writing! Only 23 days til' Christmas!
Oh and my first Christmas Card arrived in the mailbox on Friday!