Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"The Nude As Art" Photography Workshop

In this blog post I am sharing just a few "Social Media" appropriate images but ones I think, represent the artistic opportunity that we offered our participants.
My workshop partner Kiqe Bosch and I have just wrapped up our inaugural "The Nude As Art" photography workshop in Vermont. The reviews are coming in and we are very happy that the experience was a success for our participants!

One participant wrote ~
"I thought the format really worked well. I thought you and Kiqe made an excellent combination and balance.  You both have an artistic eye but bring different perspectives to it. Your personalities are an excellent balance for each other.  It went very smoothly.  I do not think I have ever gone to a workshop or had a trip where I have come away with such learning and an amazing number of usable, good images.  This was just terrific!
Many, many thanks!!!"

So we have decided to offer it again next year. I have added a link to the workshop information for 2017 on the side bar of this blog, or you can click here to access the link. All images here were processed using Photoshop and Perfect Effects by On One.  I hope you can join us!!


  1. This looks AWESOME! Congrats on another successful venture!

  2. Although I did not attend, the feedback I have heard from a participant tells me you two knocked it out of the ballpark in Vermont! Congratulations~

    1. Thank you Sue, maybe next year! We did have a blast, ate gourmet "chef" prepared food and so enjoyed the group!

  3. Replies
    1. Oh I hope you can make it to Jerrie! It was an awesome workshop!

  4. Such beautiful images and great selections on locations

  5. Love your location choices and prospective beautiful images