Saturday, December 27, 2008

Foggy Drive

Well some days are just a photo bust. It seemed like an opportunity day, since there was a good layer of fog in the area, but the back roads in Baltimore and Harford County lack good shoulders for pulling off when a pair of deer appear on the horizon of a misty field in the fog or great rounds of hay bales lay shrouded in the fields and old weathered barns dissapear into the I just enjoyed driving the scenic roads.

As dusk was drawing near the light broke over the bridge on Dulaney Valley Road over the reservoir, and by the time I parked and got my gear out the light was gone, but I persisted since I had not made one shot all day.

I processed the Loch Raven shot as a duotone and applied a title in the lower right of the image. Often leaving some space for titles will generate a good image for a cover of a magazine or book jacket or card.

Then as I was driving home the sun began to break out just above the foggy tree tops and once more I decided to get that shot, since the day had not been very productive.
So much for a photo op day!

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