Monday, March 2, 2009

A Little More Snow and Tripod Troubles

Well it wasn't the 10 inches the forecast predicted but it was enough to once again paint the landscape with a coat of fresh snow. After shoveling out the driveways and walkways I decided I would try to capture some snow pics when the the snow started to subside. After checking my gear from yesterday's outing I saw that the spacer and screw knob that tightens the plate on the ball head had disappeared. I was skunked for a day of shooting by my carelessness the day before. I guess I had not tightened them down when pulling off the lens yesterday and they fell off on the way back to the car. Then I shook my tripod bag and the spacer was there but the screw was not. So I went in search of something to work, and remembered I had bought some replacement parts three years ago when the same thing occurred. Yeah for spare then Annette and Steve Dembo were already on the way to Kilgore Falls. So I just headed to the Gunpowder off of Harford Road as I knew I could find some off road parking there. When I got there it began to snow again and I just wanted to capture the snow and the colors or lack of color on a overcast snowy day. I made a few images and left for the day.

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