Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lens Baby Broken

Today I made my first trek of the year to the beach to open the house for the season. I didn't get away until late morning and drove straight there. It was a very cold and windy day, and as I drove I thought I don't mind photographing in most weather conditions, but I do on windy cold days. So I didn't stop anywhere on the way down. After unloading the car and putting all the porch furniture back out on the porches, I headed out with the idea that I wanted to shoot with the Lens Baby. Well I went to the boardwalk In South Bethany and goofed off a little..but was not happy with the performance of the Lens Baby, not me of course! Well when I got back to the car I tried to change the lens insert and discovered the problem, there really was a problem. I made a few shots only as the light was fading. I didn't want to discard these few shots due to lack of clarity so I applied some artistic filters in Photoshop to try and salvage them a little. Well it was something to do tonight in a sleepy little beach town on a very cold night. I have also e-mailed Lens Baby corp to see what can be done to either repair or replace the lens.

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  1. Hi Karen,

    We are very sorry that you experienced a quality problem with one of our lenses! I am sure that Kirsten, our Director of Customer Happiness, will take good care of you. We do want you to be a happy photographer.


    Sam Pardue