Friday, December 16, 2011

Old Town Alexandria~Lens Baby~Nik SilverEfex Pro2

This week I had an opportunity to visit Old Town Alexandria to plan out workshops for Penn Camera in 2012. It was a very nice drive from Baltimore. (I did leave after rush hour!)
After our planning session we walked around Old Town making images. I was using the Lensbaby fitted with the Star creative Aperture insert on the Composer. I enjoy street shooting with the Lensbaby. We made images of the beautifully decorated doorways and fun subjects we found along the way. I love the architecture of the old colonial townhouses, fitted with wrought iron and brass hand railings, shuttered windows and painted doorways.
As we walked the streets I spotted this little boy pressing his face upon the glass of a restaurant window.....I immediately ran over bent down and beagn making some images through the window, what a cutie he was and he  loved the camera! I loved the way the creative insert created stars all around him as a result of the out of focus highlights in the background.
And I was just about finished making some images of the little boy, I heard Marie exclaim, and I turned around to catch the dog walker with 8 dogs on leash and one off leash, but very obedient moving down the sidewalk.
As we walked around Old Town...we decided that we would also schedule a holiday shoot there next year! Why not...great decor...and fun street shooting opportunities...what more could you ask for? Mark your calendars for the second week in December next year!


  1. Love the shots and the choice of b&w! Just got my creative inserts yesterday and can't wait to try them out with all the lights around us.

    Debbi Koplen

  2. Thanks Debbie, You will have great fun with them!