Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Alternative Shooting Options....Play is good!

Forest Swipe 1/6sec f-22 ISO 200
Its been a busy month!! Whew! Hard to believe October is coming to an end! On  my visit to West Virginia two weekends ago, I was playing with some in camera multiple exposures and swipes. The trees had lost a lot of leaves in the Davis area but further south there were still plenty to be found. The image above was made on the forests edge as the late afternoon sun lit the sides of the trees, by moving the camera up or down as the exposure was made I rendered this image. In processing swipes I find I tend to add back contrast and saturation to help define the subtle colors.
Forest Swipe 1/6 sec f-22 ISO 200

This image was also made with the same technique only with a little swoosh-like movement at the end of the exposure, generating the cup like lines adding texture.
f-16 1/50 sec ISO 200 9 shot in camera multiple exposure

This image is a 9 shot in camera multiple exposure. I like the look of this technique in this image. The ground was covered with white balls of cotton grass and the late afternoon light was soft overcast-blue sky side light.
f-14 1/4 sec ISO 640

This forest was filled with light and yellow leaves, another multiple exposure shot rendered this fun image. Soooo...when you are out in the field remember to try some fun swipes and multiple exposures if you have the option. Tonight I am looking forward to the fourth session at Johns Hopkins University of my iPhone Photography class and this weekend I look forward my Beach Workshop...
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