Monday, November 12, 2012

After the "Superstorm Sandy"

Bayside Sunset Assowoman Bay
Last Thursday, the day after a nor'easter and a week and a half after Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast I made my way back to the beach. When I arrived a lot of the streets were still under water from the combination of storms. The ground was totally saturated as was the air. After cleaning up around the outside of the house, sweeping, carrying away and raking up all the debris that had floated in on the three feet of water that surrounded the house; I made my way out to the beach. Except for the devastation the storm caused, I love when the beach is returned too its natural state; that is flat and scattered with shells. After the past five or so years of beach replenishment projects on the Delaware shore the beach took on a man made character...with waves breaking right in front of the shore drop off. But Sandy leveled the the shore had been before the replenishment efforts. I know the beach needs to be in tact to hold back massive damage but I really love when nature takes over. Tide pools form and shelling is once again a fun thing to do.
f-8, Nikon 17-35 2.8 Lens, 10 sec. ISO 100

This morning I made it out for sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean...the moon was a sliver and the sky was bare but for a few wispy clouds, but the color on the horizon was awesome. The long flat shoreline allowed for beautiful reflected light to play on the wet sand as the gentle waves moved in and out, you would never have believed the seas fury two weeks ago, compared to today's gentle surf.
Atlantic Sunrise f-8, Nikon 17-35 2.8, ISO 100, Shutter 4.0 sec.

Bayside Sunset  f-22,  Nikon Lens 17-35 2.8, ISO 100, Shutter 1/30

I hate to say but this will probably be my last time to shoot a sunrise by the ocean until next April as I am closing up for the winter season and will be heading out tomorrow...I hope the winter is good to the shore!

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