Sunday, December 1, 2013

Nik Analog, Nik Color Efex Pro Flypaper presets ~ Summer, what? With only 23 Days til Christmas!!

 Processed in Adobe CC with Nik Analog and Color Efex Pro using one of the new Flypaper presets engineered for Nik Color Efex Pro. I enjoyed the lens flare in the top of this image, it just makes it feel more summer-like to me so I left it there.
Wow, this is going to be a fast holiday season! When I was in retail management, I dreaded a four week holiday days were compressed and the work intensity of each day was magnified. It was so challenging keeping up with customer demands, filling shelves, straightening racks, super long work hours and no days off! It is hard to believe there are just now 23 days til Christmas! I did some baking and decorating in the house as well as continuing along with my photography file management project all the while enjoying the sounds of Christmas music, that always gets me in the spirit!
As I was sorting image files I stopped and had to process a few I never worked on from my day trip to Cape May in the early fall.  I wanted to run a few through the new Nik Analog software and try some new Flypaper designed presets in Color Efex Pro.
The October day in Cape May was very unique, hot and summer like,  residents filled the beach. I enjoy capturing back lit subjects and this geographic location made it perfect for shooting back lit subjects in the late afternoon.
 Processed in Adobe CC with Nik plugin, Analog, and Color Efex Pro Flypaper preset. 
Cape May Ferry processed in Adobe CC with Nik Analog.
The ride on the Cape May Ferry was delightful, with no summer time traffic or crowds. The awnings for the back deck were still in place giving me an opportunity to make a simple, but summer like image.
So there you have it, summer is gone, the beach house is closed...time to get shopping, decorating and card writing! Only 23 days til' Christmas!
Oh and my first Christmas Card arrived in the mailbox on Friday!

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