Friday, April 25, 2014

I always ask: What is it that I love about this scene?......The Marsh..

Capture: Nikon D4, Lens 24-70  f-16 1/30 sec at 35mm ISO 100
Processing: Nik Sliver Efex Pro 2, PS CC
When I go out shooting and when I get to my location, and unpack my gear, I stand still. I ask myself what do I love in this scene? Then I turn around 360, walk around with out my camera and then I begin to see. I went hoping for a beautiful sunset over the marsh and arrived early enough to really enjoy the edge of bay and shore. After a long hard winter last years marsh grasses were laid down in beautiful patterns and textures reflecting the movement of the water, wind and snow that fell and compressed the reeds. The small new growth shoots were just beginning to show. I also loved the curves of the foot path along the shoreline. The late afternoon light was illuminating the grasses and so I went to work drilling down to what I loved about the scene. I did not go out with the intent to capture the grasses, but they did speak to me. I loved the way nature created the textures and patterns.
Since the scene was monochromatic for the most part, I converted the images to Black and White using Nik Silver Efex Pro 2.The sun did set without any spectacular colors and clouds and I used the marsh grasses to add interest.

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  1. Beautiful. A serene counterpoint to the vibrancy of the tulips in the previous post.

    Keep shooting and posting Karen!