Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just a few thoughts

Did some household chores today in preparation for the heavy rains that have been predicted, cut the grass and FINALLY cleaned the rain spouts out. That's always a job! Also ran some old paint cans, actually it was a trunk full from 2 basements and a garage, to the dump for recycling.
Tonight I worked on my presentation for my beach workshop, so exciting!!!!! When I came across this image as I was scouring files, and I thought I would like it with a photo frame treatment from OnOne. This is actually two frames combined, so I ran it through twice. It is also a snapart2 processed image.

I'll be heading to the beach Friday, to do some beach shooting, post tourist season. Looking forward to getting some fall marsh grasses and maybe some migrating bird images.

On Facebook tonight I saw that Tim Cooper an instructor for RMSP has just moved into the Alexandria area. I took a workshop with him and Doug Johnson in 2003 in Glacier NP when it was on fire, and they were both great.  Tim makes a terrific addition to the very talented group of professional photographers in our market! Check out his site if you are not familiar with his work.


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