Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vintage Scene App on the Laptop

Had a great class last night of folks who want to make better pictures! Isn't that is always great to be able to help folks along that path. Mostly I find people want better travel images and people images...that's what we do document our journeys and take pictures of people important to us...a pretty universal theme.

That aside I was doing some updating on the laptop today, and went to the new APP store for Apple looking for the Find my phone app, not that I lost it, but that I wanted to install it. So while I was trying to find it I went to the whats and found an app I have been using and enjoyed on the iPhone has now been delivered to the laptop store...the price is higher @ 7.99 but compared to the plugins I have been looking at for $399.00 for vintage effects it seemed like a I downloaded it in a few seconds and gave it a quick is what I will not process a tiff or raw file, so you will have to make a high quality jpg to run into this little app. but it functions like the iPhone app and produces the same results as far as I can see. It seems like it wants to save files as PNGs instead of .jpg's so I had to force name the files as jpgs to be able to open them again in Photoshop. I also noticed that it took my 240 dpi file to 72 so there is some compression that occurs..but I like the far as on the computer. Another little issue is the background around the image or the "canvas" is white so I had to take this into Photoshop and make a selection to black out the white canvas....
Printing one is a whole 'nother subject, but for now it is fun to play with the idea that it might be worth it to try and see what happens...I have enjoyed making images on the iPhone with this app so I look forward to processing some more images on the laptop and seeing what quality of prints I can get out of it.
Now I have to get back to my original mission...I was so excited to see Vintage Scene, that I got distracted.....Oh and the image above was processed in Vintage Scene on the laptop.
Tonight I will be presenting at Penn Camera on Reisterstown Road, on composition, light and my thoughts on personal vision in photography...for a couple hours...there are a few more spots if you are looking for something to do on the tab on the right side of my blog to sign up..


  1. Hi Karen,
    Like you I found this app for my laptop the other day and like you I found it strange that it quoted for a jpg save but insisted on png.
    The other slightly annoying thing in an otherwise worthwhile app is that the after the first use all my files now come not as the original and the button at the top only seems to give a flashing view of my original. Is this something I am doing wrong?

  2. My opinion: The user interface good but the icons are HORRIBLE!