Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fells Point

Sunday, I was working with a client and as we were working on some exercises for depth of field, I felt I wanted to actually capture the scene in front of us.  People running and walking along the snowy pier with the old style lamps really spoke to me; a bit of street photography, so I pulled my camera out of the bag  and made a shot.

A little later as we walked around the streets we came upon some men dangling their feet over the edge of the walkway along the waterfront and I once again felt compelled to snap a photo.

and.....As we walked toward the harbor the snowy benches, on the snow covered pier also caught my eye, so my client and I made some images there. At the end of the session as we walked along the water we passed The Crossroads School with its colorful mural wall and little snow covered boats in the water. we made some pictures. It was a fun day working and talking about photography!

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