Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dingle, Ireland Sundown

Processed Nik HDR Efex Pro

One of the nights we spent in Dingle we returned to the top of Clogherhead for a sundown shoot. There was a brief moment when color appeared in the sky facing away from sundown. It was yet another hike up the hill with gear, hopefully the energy spent will combat all the fabulous meals we have enjoyed. Although my jeans do feel a little tight today......too many Irish sausages and desserts probably!
Valentia Island Sunset from the top of Clogherhead
As the sun set I noticed the horizon had a wonderful glow of pink light so I zoomed out to 300 framing just the sea and the beautiful sky. It was another late night getting back to the hotel as sundown is 10:00pm this time of year. I have found the late light to rearrange my personal clock a bit, staying up another two hours or so after the light is gone and getting less sleep.
Last night it was good to get a solid 8!
Now, sitting here by a sod fire enjoying a little down time. I hear its been very hot at home, so I am happy for the cooler temps here. Just my kind of weather! Hope to drive the coast a bit or head into the Burren today.


  1. Karen,
    Lovely. I don't remember Dingle nights being so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.