Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ross Castle Killarney National Park

Ross Castle sits inside Killarney National Park. We made a stop there to do some shooting. Peter had hoped to get a shot from across the lake with a castle reflection but the water levels were high, a boat was moored in the shot and the trees had fallen; so the "Supreme" Castle shot was no longer available as is true in most photographic venues....everything changes...from day to instead I roamed around in the time allotted and found some interesting lake boats and scenes to shoot. When I was shooting them I had processing them with Snap Art in mind. I always shoot many different compositions in a scene then I have options when I finally review my images. I liked both of these boat shots for different reasons.

I walked behind the castle where the boat rentals were located and made a few shots of the landscape with the boats that were on the lake.

As I wandered over over the bridge in the first shot the other side had lots of tied up boats pulled into the grasses. I kept hoping in this shot the little boat on the right would drift away from the boat next to it so I wouldn't have to cut it off on the edge, "Give it room to breath as Dan Sniffin says," but it never did, I made the shot anyway because I loved the reflections. I never did get a shot of the Castle I liked.
More rain today as I write I can hear it falling! Had a fabulous dinner of Pan fried Irish hake, Irish chorizo, mussels & clams with coriander seed potatoes & garlic yoghurt last night at Nimmos in Galway.
Off to explore Connemara National Park and a long ride along the coast from Galway; hoping the rain clears a little.......and for the Irish Blessing today....
If God sends you down a stony path,
may he give you strong shoes.


  1. Great boat images Karen. Glad you are having a good time. I'm enjoying your trip vicariously.

  2. Those are still great pictures. I love the last one!