Thursday, January 24, 2013

Experimenting...Lensbaby....Soft Focus....iPhone apps processing...

Processed on the iPhone
Yesterday I headed to Second Chance in Baltimore. The Reclaim, Retrain and Renew team was hard at work...bringing in new materials. I spent some time wandering around looking at what's changed since I was there last time. I was trying to get a few HDR shots, when I decided I was not feeling it; the creative part that is. One of the guys said it was probably frozen! That made me laugh. I did make a few bracketed shots, but soon changed up and put the Lensbaby with a Soft Focus insert on my D4. Looking through that funny bendy lens always gets me started; I love soft focus and blur! I decided to ditch the tripod and cranked the ISO up to 1200, so I could hand hold and get into tight spots. They had set up a separate area in the warehouse for dining room furniture. The light and old warehouse walls in that room were interesting to me. Then I spotted this old set of maybe 50's style vinyl covered chairs. So I played around with a couple chairs in different comps. A few of the shots here I processed in an app on the iPhone for a certain processing look.
Processed on the iPhone

They also have some great old stoves and washing machines from the same era and was fun shooting with the Lensbaby! and looking at the odd assortment of stuff that Second Chance has in its warehouse.
Processed on the iPhone...Pixlr-o-matic

and radiators.....processed on the iPhone

and baby carriages...........processed in Photoshop and onOne Perfect Effects

Processed in Photoshop

Looking forward to going back with my workshop group on Sunday.


  1. Oh my, love the Lensbaby and your images are wonderful ........again!

  2. I really liked your thought process, can't believe that your creativity was Frozen. :) from these. I love the Lensbaby and it gets me out of funk a lot of times. I am so impressed with your taking them into your iphone apps. I still just can't warm up to iphone apps, I try but really feel I spend too much time on them. It is kinda relaxing though at night to just do some mindless editing on the iphone. I need more work with that. Long story short here, I really enjoyed seeing your work.