Sunday, May 19, 2013

Crusin' 2 Ocean City, Md.

Cruiser Reflection

Lined up to enter the Convention Center Lot
Saturday was an absolutely magnificent day at the shore. Temps in the 70's clear blue skies and a slight breeze! The Cruisers were out in force. I spent the afternoon in the Convention Center parking lot enjoying the old cars, chatting with owners and making a few images. Although bright sunny day light is not the best for moody shots, it does have some potential for reflections and lighting details.
I grabbed a few documentary shots just to give folks an idea of the scene. Yesterday I had business to tend to in the afternoon and then it rained all night and chased the q-tip clean cars away! Bummed I didn't get to shoot any more of them.

Pontiac Chieftan Original Hood Ornament. This man has owned this car for 43 years all original! Amazing.
(as a photographer, I loved the yellow ad blue combo)

And who doesn't love a life size Betty Boop with roller skates?
1964 Chevy Impala Tail lights (gotta love the blue sky color in the chrome)
1963? Pontiac Catalina fender emblem     

and then there are the spectators...parked in every empty space along the highway, piled into the back of their jacked up pick ups....enjoying the the cruisers run up and down the highway! A fun day in Ocean City, Md.

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