Saturday, May 18, 2013

Crusin' Ocean City, Maryland 2013

Nikon D4 ISO 2400 28-300mm at 300 1/80 sec: VR on hand held
Back on the photo blog after several weeks of real estate distraction, and happy to be shooting again! Like the Horseshoe Crabs that migrate to the beach in the spring to lay eggs, the "crusiers" and I return as well!
I made it down to the beach Thursday as some of the cruisers were also arriving. Then I headed down to the Burger King in Ocean City around dinner time. What can I say about cruisers, except they are awesome! It is really great that we have folks on the planet that spend hard earned dollars and sweat to keep these beauties running! It is a big piece of our history! Shooting is always a challenge in a venue like this...a parking lot party so to speak!
Cars I find are best shot on the edge of night and day at the golden hour. I started shooting about two hours before sunset and walked several blocks making shots and having some fun choosing different angles to minimize all the business of the scene I started getting down on the parking lot and shooting up against the sky. When you change up from your normal standing position to the subject interesting things begin to happen. Reflections are also more interesting from a low angle to the subject.

Nikon D4 ISO 2500 28-300mm at 105 1/13 sec: VR on hand held

Nikon D4 ISO 1250 F13 28-300 at 28 1/80 sec hand held

Then the sky turned awesome colors and I happened to be by this cool 56 or 57 Chevy Belair. The beautiful sunset light was raking down the side of it and really caught my eye. I made a few comps until the light changed. Parking lot lights added fun highlights.

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