Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sunflowers ~ A different perspective

105mm macro lens f-32  ISO 1600 1/400 sec

Sunday I led a photo workshop at McKee-Beshers for Capital Photography Center. The DNR of Maryland planted the sunflower fields there this year and mid-July is bloom time.
After getting the group in a groove, working with their equipment and sharing ideas for composition, I was able to make a few shots for myself. I was encouraging the group to get low and shoot up. I always look for different ideas and compositions when creating images. As the sky was grey it made a perfect background for a few macro shots. I had my 105mm macro, one of my oldest lens in my bag and decided it would be the best lens to use for the idea.
It has a great angle of view is  super sharp and fast. The wind had begun to kick up and I needed a fast shutter to get a crisp shot with good depth of field, so I boosted my ISO. With strong natural front light and grey sky background, the shots I made almost look like studio shots. I used no flash in these two images only the natural strong front light.
105mm macro lens f-32  ISO 1600 1/400 sec

200 mm macro f-22 ISO 100 1/4 sec

I was also looking for sunflowers with attitude. This one made me smile when I saw it in the field, but I could not isolate the background due to its location. I made the shot anyway with the idea that I could use a layer of texture from Flypaper Textures. If you like to play with textures you can click on the Flypaper Textures link on the right of my blog and use the code KarenM for a discount on your purchases. One of the good things about arriving early in the morning after a dewy night is that the insects tend to be immobilized until their wings dry out. This bumble bee was just waking up as I composed the shot. I will be leading and HDR photography workshop for Capital Photography Center on August 4 in Baltimore. Click here for more info and registration.
200 mm macro f-16 1/13 sec ISO 100

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