Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Black Valley, Ireland

Half way through our tour, we made the trip into the Black Valley. The Kerry Way passes by this Old Homestead in the Macgillycuddy's Reek.
Last year on tour with John Barclay,  Dan Sniffin, and Peter Cox, was my first time in the Black Valley. I loved the old homestead and wanted my group to also have this experience. A sunny day in Ireland, imagine that, we had large drifting clouds overhead casting shadows on the land. There are many compositions to be made here and these are just a few...

There was a Black Valley ram munching on grass just outside of the Avoca shop where we stopped or lunch in the Black Valley.
and...on the way out we stopped by the lake but the light was bad on the water when we were there so I made a shot of the landscape instead. 


  1. Such wonderful memories of a most splendid day with you and the crew.

    1. Thanks Sue, it was fast wasn't it! Great to be traveling with you!

  2. Karan, I love the work that you've gotten on this trip. Shows the raw nature of the land of Ireland. Thanks for sharing.