Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Impressions.......Swipes

Yesterday I taught two field workshops for my Johns Hopkins classes, one in the morning for DSLR shooters and one in the afternoon for iPhone shooters. Both sessions had talented beginning photographers. I am going to miss teaching next fall at Johns Hopkins as I am finally taking that long promised trip to New England in fall. All my years of working in retail management never allowed me to enjoy an extended vacation in fall in New England as, I was always tied to the "Store!"
When September came, even days off became hard to come by.  It's hard to believe but I have been doing the Hopkins gig now for 5 years...and the years are passing quickly, so with Hopkins blessings and a promise to return to teaching in spring 2015, I am taking next fall 2014 off for a few weeks of travel and personal shooting.
These are a few "swipes" I made yesterday while showing students how to use their cameras in this manner. They felt it was freeing and playful and so do I and play is good very good when it comes to photography! One could make swipes all day long with great subject matter that lends itself to swipes. The canopy of fall leaves was so thick that we could look up into the tree and swipe.

The shot below is one I  made while teaching students how to meter for back lit subjects...the campus is so pretty in fall and yesterday was a beautiful fall day! I will be teaching a day long High Dynamic Range Photography workshop in Frederick, Maryland for Capital Photography Center on November 16. Join me there for a day of shooting and processing......Click here for more info.
I will also be presenting Monday evening November 4 at the Digital Photography Club in Annapolis, if you are near by stop in! Click here for more information.

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