Friday, March 5, 2010

Just a little update, yes I am still alive....

Yes, I have been away from the Blog, for what seems like many days...
But I have been sick and not out here's some updates...I have been coordinating the final details of the Baltimore Camera Club's One Day Seminar with Brenda will be a fun day! Brenda will be in tomorrow afternoon and I look forward to having a nice dinner with her and some friends on Friday night.

Also organized a One Day Flash Lighting Workshop at Horizon Photography Workshops with Steve Gottlieb for BCC members.

I also have agreed to present on April 7th, at the Arundel Camera Club. Given a choice of composition or Governors Cup... the program director decided he liked the idea of a presentation on the Preparation and Actual shooting along with the event details of The Governor's Cup Race, from last summer. Since their club in Severna Park has many members who also enjoy sailing I agreed. So I started working on that presentation. The meeting is open and if you have any interest please attend.

Had a good lesson on Tuesday night with the participants in the Hopkins class...coughing through the evening...but I made it.

I plan on doing some shooting at Longwood on Monday...looking forward to their Orchid display and maybe they have some blue poppies by now.

............and the Beach House opens in 28 days!!!! Counting down for my first trip back to the beach since last November.

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