Sunday, March 14, 2010

Longwood Gardens Again......

Today I met Nadia at Longwood Gardens. We were in search of the Himalayan Blue Poppy. Well, I had to laugh..when we got into the conservatory there were a bunch of photographers around two large planted pots of Blue Poppies...that could only be accessed by one side as the other side of the large pot was facing the pool. I made a few shots and moved on...oh well. I spent the morning using my 200mm macro lens, working close ups. After walking around a bit I changed to the Lensbaby and made some "Garden Shots" to enhance the presentation I will be giving on Garden Photography at Penn Camera tomorrow night. It was tough getting up early with the shift of Daylight savings time. At noon the conservatory became busy and we headed to lunch in the rain. When we left the witch hazel beckoned us to get out our cameras and I made a few shots, then headed home.


  1. Great macro shots, Karen. So, we are hungry for the beautiful colors of spring!

  2. Thanks Barb, yes sooooo looking forward to seeing the garden get some color..