Monday, January 31, 2011

Craighill Channel Lower Rear Lighthouse

This is the last group of images from my winter adventure day with Annette.......after doing some shooting at North Point State Park we were heading out and Annette said "down that road is where we put the boat in the water." I said well, lets go one more little photo detour lead us down Cuckold Point Road to Bills Boatyard. The gates were open and we drove in. It was still snowing and Annette spotted the Craighill Channel Lower Rear Lighthouse, standing tall in the snowy atmosphere. She immediately wanted to get her camera and make some images as it is not often the weather conditions are like they were that day. I watched as she made some images and the more I watched the more I said I should go get my camera and make some images too....and so I did......we walked the abandoned winter docks in our snow boots and enjoyed the starkness of the marina in the snow.

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