Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Fog Never Lifted

Last Wednesday I posted a blog on the morning fog...and after that I went shopping. When I was shopping I noticed that the fog never lifted from the shore. My niece and grand niece arrived at the beach around 3:00 in the afternoon and the fog still had not lifted. The air was still and the temps were rising. We walked to the beach to see the shore with the fog and the sun shining at the same time. I had never witnessed this weather phenom, and when I asked the lifeguard he said he had never seen it last all day either in his four years on the beach patrol. I had to take some shots it was just so surreal. People were banned from getting in the water because the fog was so thick the lifeguards could not see past the shore so it was dangerous if someone got out too far. These are a few shots I grabbed when we walked up to the beach that afternoon.
Just a few updates on workshops:

My zoo shoot with Penn Camera was cancelled on Saturday July 23, due to the extreme heat and rescheduled for Saturday the 30th so there is room for a few more participants. Check out the sidebar of this blog for the link.

My New York Day Shoot on October 27, is half full so if you were thinking of signing up don't delay, this is always a great day in the city. Sign up soon the link is also on the sidebar of this blog.

I had a great time with my niece and grandniece at the beach! Now I have to get ready for my trip to Seattle to visit with my daughter and her family. Shoot the Palouse with John Barclay and Dan Sniffin and visit my friend Chris in Montana. It is going to be a busy month!

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