Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Morning Fog...again...

Last night we had thunderstorms pass through just before sunset. Sometimes those clouds hang around on the horizon in the morning, so when I went to bed last night I said to myself: If I wake up at 5:15 then I will go out and shoot the guess what at exactly 5:15 I woke out I went. The humidity was 100% everything was soaking wet and the fog was thick. But that did not stop me, as you never know what the morning will bring at the ocean. I started shooting as soon as I hit the beach and stopped at 6:45. A lone fisherman showed up and the sun finally broke through the fog well above the horizon. The waves were beautiful. The fog obscured the horizon. These are just a few from this morning. I'll be conducting a workshop at the beach in the fall and teaching participants how to capture and process images like this. Here is a link for more info and to sign up for the workshop.