Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cowboy Mounted Shooting and SnapArt 3

Boy I loved the action of this event! Dirt flying, powder popping, legs flying, horses snorting...western gear, what fun to try and photograph! I had downloaded SnapArt 3 before traveling but never had much time to process images. Today I worked with the new program and it is super!!! All the images here have been processed first in Photoshop then in SnapArt 3 for the painterly effect. Since arriving back home in Baltimore I have experienced the largest earthquake ever recorded here and now we are supposed to have a strong hurricane hit this weekend...I hope everyone in the path of the Hurricane fares well.
When the event was over I noticed some chinks hanging on the saddle and loved the image I saw so I made a composition focusing in on the chinks and saddle.
In the Towsend corral were many ponies. This one was so friendly and I just loved his colors. 
If you have not tried SnapArt 3 by AlienSkin there is a trial version available for download on their site free for 30 days.


  1. Karen these are wonderful. I love the captures and your processing decisions. Wow!

  2. Thanks very much Rad, SnapArt3 is super for your "Big Camera" images.