Friday, August 26, 2011

Port Ludlow, Port Townsend, SnapArt 3

Three weeks ago I left for Seattle to visit with my daughter, her husband and my grand pets, Eli, Cheyenne and Muddy Bones. It was a super visit! One day Mike and Rachael had planned a day long boat trip to Port Ludlow on a friends boat. It was a great trip. The "Marine Layer" was very thick half way out in the morning, such that visibility was only about 50 feet. At times we were all watching for other vessels identified on the radar. When we arrived in Port Ludlow the layer was lifting. I made a few shots from the boat as we were docking. Today,  I had some fun today experimenting with the new features in SnapArt 3 from Alien Skin.  They really have added some great options for processing your an artistic way. All the images here have been processed using SnapArt 3 and Photoshop. My friend, Annette says I must be a frustrated painter!
After we docked in Port Ludlow the guys went to play golf and Rachael and I took a cab ride to Port Townsend.  Which I don't recommend at $50.00 a one way fare, but we had fun looking in the shops and grabbing a bite to eat. It was a great day...


  1. Beautiful as always.
    Muddy it!

  2. Thanks Ellery. Muddy Bones is a real love dog if I could have taken him home I would have.

  3. I too love to use Snapart. It becomes addictive. I especially like your boat images.