Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I arrived in Missoula, Montana late Sunday night and spent the night there. Yesterday I drove south to Hamilton to visit with my girlfriend Chris and her husband Rod for a week. They both work in the Bitterroot Valley selling real estate at Exit Realty. Today was a work day for them and I needed a catch up day. So I have spent some time processing a few images and updating some workshop info.
The images here are from my first day in the Palouse atop Steptoe Butte and a couple shots made later in the day. I had seen images of the Palouse before, but it is just an amazing place. The sunrise was bland but the light illuminated the land as the sun rose above the horizon and cast beautiful light on the wheat fields and farmlands below.

As we were wrapping up I noticed the dust rising up from the farm road below and made a couple shots. At first I thought it might be steam off a river, but then realized, it's dust! And whao, what dust there is on the farm roads through the landscape I was soon to find out. There is even a town not far from Colfax, called "Dusty".
Mid day shots were fun too, looking at the landscape as a patchwork of fields tied together by tracks of farm equipment and power lines.


  1. Your images truly capture the vast area. Love the rolling hills and the patch work of colors. Sounds like quite an adventure out there!

  2. Love your images (as usual). Can't wait to get there. We are in Seattle/Bellevue right now and will head there soon. Any suggestions of places to shoot that are off the regular/beaten path are appreciated.