Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Grand Canyon North Rim Fall

Reason number two to visit the Grand Canyon North Rim in the fall is Aspens and Pines. The first night we arrived in Jacobs Lake we drove down the park road as the evening light was fading. Steve spotted this amazing grove of Aspens and we made a few shots there before the light totally faded to dark. There was no wind to speak of so our long exposures were fine in the fading light. After our sunrise shoot the next morning we went on an Aspen hunt and found an amazing hillside in the shade of Aspens, and Blue Spruce. Jackpot! We made images there for at least 45 minutes from the side of the road and not one car passed us while we were there. I could have made images there all day, but we had to get on the road for Sedona. The park had a fire in 2001 that wiped out a lot of the Aspens on the top of the ridge, so we were really happy to find these. This is an amazing display the beautiful Aspens put on in the fall. Now there is just one more reason to go back!

In Camera Swipe
In Camera Multiple Exposure

A touch of SnapArt3 Impasto
A touch of SanpArt3 Impasto


  1. Thanks so much Ellery and Donnie! I realy appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment!

  2. I love that first Aspens pic. Reminds me of a meadow I used to trek to w/ Mr. Spencer in Ellensburg. Magical!

  3. Hi Karen,
    I really like your collection of aspen photos here. Especially the in camera multiple exposure one. Of course being a Canon shooter I don't have the luxury of in camera processing of multiples. I'm a little slow on the go here, but I also wanted to thank you for your kind comment on my blog a couple of weeks back. I'll continue to peek in at your blog from time to time to check out your work.

  4. Thanks Bill, I appreciate your comments and dropping in every so often.