Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Point Imperial Grand Canyon North Rim

Driving from Kayenta, our next stop on the road trip was the Grand Canyon's North Rim. We decided to head to Point Imperial for sunrise an hours drive away from where we were staying in Jacob Lake. At 8,803 feet, Point Imperial has the highest vista point at either rim; it offers magnificent views of both the canyon and the distant country. I had hoped for some cooler temps here and that fall would still be under way. I not only wanted to see the North Rim but also hoped for Aspens. (I got both, but the Aspens will be another blog post.) As there were no clouds in the sky I focused most of my shots into the canyon. It was 29 degrees at the rim.  Arriving in brilliant moonlight provided an amazing first view.
Arriving in moonlight I made a few shots and applied a touch of SnapArt3. I love the top lit rocks in this scene.