Monday, October 24, 2011

Monument Valley Cont...

As soon as the sun broke the horizon we left our sunrise location to drive the loop road through the valley. Just before we packed up I looked behind me as I always do to see if there was anything happening and as I looked I saw what first appeared to be smoke in the distant landscape, but instead we decided was the dust trail from a boulder that had cut loose and tumbled down the ridge. So I quickly grabbed a shot before heading down the road.
First stop on the loop trail
The first few hundred feet of the loop trail are pretty daunting if you are driving a passenger car. We had pretty good ground clearance so we continued on knowing the car was going to be pretty dusty when we finished the 17 miles of dusty, rocky, rutted, red trail through the valley. We stopped before the light was harsh and made a few images.The valley is amazing and I surely hope to visit again!
Sunrise from Visitor Center ( With a little SnapArt3)
View from Artists Point

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