Friday, February 17, 2012

Annapolis Morning

Single shot processed in Photoshop~Filtered in SnapArt3 and blended with original.
 Last night I made a pre-meeting presentation on using SnapArt3 with your photographs to the Baltimore Camera Club; it was fun to share. Having SnapArt on my mind....I processed a few images tonight from my shoot in Annapolis harbor this morning. When I arrived the harbor was fogged in. I met Bill the President of the Annapolis Digital Photo Club at the harbor and made a few shots. We walked to the end of the dock as I was hoping for some interesting light to happen. The fog was clearing just as the sun began to rise. There was a moment, just a moment where there was a pretty pastel color palette in predawn water and sky...and then it was gone! Poof!
Single shot~Processed in Photoshop filtered in SnapArt3~Pastel, Blended in Photoshop original and then with a separate file of just a water reflection.

I will be conducting a small group workshop for members of his club at the Annapolis harbor in a couple weeks. If you belong to a camera club, I would be happy to consider planning a workshop for your membership; just give me a shout out! As the sun broke through the clouds and became strong and clear, I started looking for my usual favorite subjects there, cool reflections in the water, where the water distorts the reflection in a fun abstract way.
Straight shot water reflection, processed in Photoshop

And then there are the popular dock bars which sit empty now waiting for summer to arrive. I also made shots of the back streets as we walked but I was really drawn to processing the water images first. Thanks Bill for sharing Annapolis with me this morning!
Dock Bar: HDR image, processed in Photoshop filtered in SnapArt3~Colored Pencil and blended back with original.