Monday, February 20, 2012

Student Work

On Saturday I led a macro photography workshop at The Howard Rawlings Conservatory in Baltimore. We had a great group of enthusiastic photographers eager to get close to their photographic subjects. Even with harsh sunshine we were able to create appropriate light by using diffusers and reflectors, modifying the light falling on our subjects. The images in this blog were sent to me from two of the students that attended, and with their permission are published here. I always enjoy seeing how photographers make interesting and unique compositions. Macro photography can be trying, as precision in framing and small working distance to subject often requires a bit of contortion if your subject is not moveable. These are terrific examples from tack sharp edge to edge compositions enhancing linear shapes to minimal focus engaging light shape and soft form as an image design alone. Thanks Brian and Beth for sending your images.
Join me April 13, for a few hours of early bloom outdoor shooting instruction in Sherwood Gardens, Baltimore through Capital Photography Center or you can check out my workshop schedule on the sidebar of my blogs.