Sunday, May 27, 2012

Channeling Maxfield Parrish ~ Daybreak

Today was a lazy day at the beach. After my sunrise shoot, I rested most of the day and watched the Indy 500. What an exciting race and awesome finish!
The bulk of my beach house chores are done in preparation for the rental season, so I took a day off and played with the images I made this morning. This set of images was shot shortly after the sun rose and the light of the sun was playing on the surface of the breakers, shore and surf. All the images had similar color tones because they were shot close together.
I ran them through Snap Art3, rendering some highly colorized images, reminiscent of Maxfield Parrish image "Daybreak", with an azure blue and golden orange yellow. I remember studying his work in school. As these  images developed, I realized they had similar saturated colors. I always enjoyed the intense "Parrish" blue and gold of the "Daybreak" image he painted. While these do not really have the "Parrish" blue or cobalt which he used profusely they do contain the turquoise blue and golden orange yellow he often used in his landscape paintings. Tomorrow will be my last chance for a while to shoot the sunrise here at the beach, so I just might get out for sunrise tomorrow too. Every day is different! Different light, different sky different seas! One thing constant about the shore is constant change!

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