Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fort Miles, Cape Henlopen, Delaware ~ Topaz Adjust and Vintage Scene

In Battery 519 under the sand dunes.
Image captured with D4 ISO 5000, D-Lighting activated, 28-300 lens VR activated, single shot,  handheld amazing!
Processed with Topaz Adjust: Vintage Scene and Photoshop
Sunday after my beach workshop, one of the participants and I headed north to Cape Henlopen. He had tried to find the light house location on Friday and ran out of time searching, so I said I would be happy to drive there and show him. As we pulled into the park I noticed a sign that said parking for Fort Miles reenactment...so I questioned and found out that yes, there was a whole WWII reenactment at the camp going on in the afternoon, so we stayed. We even got an unexpected tour of Battery 519 with some of the participants. It was fabulous! I enjoy history and particularly WWII because my dad was in the war, and met my mom in England...so if it were not for the war, you might not be reading these words and I probably would not be writing them! Dad served in the Army in the European theater and landed on the beach D-Day +1.
Anyway, I made some pics of these guys, they were great and so into it. All the images I treated with a Desktop APP for Apple users. It migrated from the iPhone APP of the same name. Many of the iPhone apps are now offering desktop versions that process tiff files. Vintage Scene was one of the first! I tried very hard when making these images to eliminate any object that was not of the era so that when I processed them, they would look like the real deal from yesteryear!
Let us "Never Forget!"
I chatted with a few of the fellows who are responsible for organizing the event and all the props and gear are privately owned and hauled in for the weekend annual event. Which now I will make a plan to incorporate every year into my schedule to visit! It was amazing to me all the "stuff" they had there of vintage era, from bicycles to soda pop bottles to bunks and trunks, guns and vehicles.
The other amazing thing is this group, in conjunction with Delaware State Parks, is slowly restoring Battery 519 to its WWII days with private funds!! and Sweat equity! A super worthy endeavor! You can go here to make a contribution! Click here for more info!