Thursday, May 24, 2012

Silver Lake, Rehoboth, Delaware

Silver Lake in Rehoboth, DE has always been a location I visit when I am at the beach. It is just beautiful; ringed with outstanding homes, tall pines, beautiful gardens, Adirondack chairs and lakeside gazebos. Silver Lake is also a refuge for birds. All these elements make the lake great for photo opportunities. Yesterday morning was fog filled. I headed out early to meet Dorine and Dick Maclauchlan in Lewes, DE giving myself time to stop at Silver Lake and make a few images in the fog. Normally you can see distracting elements around the lake but the fog really cleaned up the background and allowed the lakeside gazebos to stand out. An added bonus was the beautiful shore, lined with plantings in bloom on one property which I used as foreground elements in this shot. I also made a Snapart3 version of each of these shots just for fun! It was a great fun filled day of variable weather conditions....more later.
Snapart3 Version

Original Shot Processed in PS
Snapart3 Version

Processed with PS and Nik Color Efex Pro~ for selective blur

Snapart3 version

Processed with PS and Nik Color Efex pro for selective blur effect

Snapart3 Version


  1. Lovely, Karen! I'm motivated to get SnapArt running again (support has to fix the code and I'll be in business).