Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

Black Friday, Don, Annette, Chuck and myself, made a road trip to Bombay Hook with 35 mile an hours winds at our back, face and all around, whew it was a very blustery day, but we went anyway.
After stopping at the guest center, and asking about the location of the snow geese that day, we found out that they were way out in the salt marsh, which meant they were out of range of our cameras, and actually were not even we turned our eyes toward some landscape images, with blowing trees and grasses and overcast skies we made some images. After an hour or so we headed toward Little Creek for some lunch. After lunch, we went back to Bombay hoping for an interesting sunset. One never knows.......well it was a very interesting sunset, with a touch of magenta. Then we headed home and had a nice warm dinner together.


  1. A more rewarding way to spend Black Friday to be sure. Salt Marsh and Winter Tree are my favorite. Fabulous Karen!