Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chincoteague Impressions

Just came home from my second night of instructing the Beginner 2 Intro to digital photography at JHU. It really is a lot to learn when you start from scratch.
Just processed a few more from the one day I spent in Chincoteague. I like textures, all kinds, and the Lighthouse paint was peeling, so I used the Lensbaby to isolate the heavy steel wire and the fitting as a simple subject. I also liked the layers of paint on the bottom of some old boats at Bobs Boats. It was a long day leaving Bethany Beach at 5:15 but I stayed well past sundown to get the wonderful colors of the evening sky over the marsh. The crazy blue, green images here are actually highlights on the water, shot with my 70-200 mm lens at 2.8 and de-focused to create the circular shapes, I then put a gradient map on the image to add the colors. (call me crazy, but it creates a fun abstract image)

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