Monday, November 15, 2010

Seeing Red

It has been over a week since I actually made any images. I only know that because my down loading device was still packed in my photo bags from the beach workshop a week ago. Yesterday on the way home from Virginia the beauty of the weeping cherry tree along the road by the entrance to my neighborhood made me stop and turn around and get out of the car, but I could not frame up what I saw from the road, due to background distractions, so I did not make any images. However later in the evening, I thought about how else I could photograph the tree if I got a chance to go back. Yes I was thinking about that image when I went to bed; now that just may be obsession! Any way when I left my house today to go the grocery store my Japanese Red Maple was a glow in the soft overcast light. So I got my camera out and played a little before I went to the grocery.
What I envisioned the night before was getting under the weeping cherry tree and shooting up, so I did just that today with my red maple. I used the gray sky instead of running away from it by including it in the image as the background element. I worked to use that gray sky to my advantage.  Choosing a shallow depth of field and different focus points I was able to get these images. I also made a few swipes...I love abstraction and impressionism, just color, shape, form, texture and design.......

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