Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks Just Thanks! For everything!

Nik Silver Efex Pro Ambrotype Filter on Red Maple Leaves

Generosity, Empathy, Sympathy and Gratitude, science now says makes us happy as human beings...well I see that every day on the FB community of photographers and friends. Sympathy expressed for loved ones lost, empathy for those that are sick and generosity in sharing, with gratitude for the lives we live.

How thankful I am to be touched by many great folks in the photography world. Just to name a few,
I think it was Tony Sweet who I heard first utter the words "Nik" like it was some magical photographic have to have and Barbara Kile who's beautiful textured flower images impressed me so that I inquired about her process, and she shared.  Then there is the amazing group of Baltimore Camera Club members who have shared their work, their techniques and their passion for the art of photography! and many more terrific folks I have met along the way. How about the talented Marie from Penn Camera, or the fun loving Darcy and my students so fun to work with! That is why I am thankful today.

I am also thankful for my beautiful daughter who lives in Seattle, the good parenting of my parents, and their love, I miss very much! It's the people in your life that make the difference! I hope everyone had a great day with their loved ones!

 Today I played with a few images, updated my sites and just hung out at home, a great day for an x- retailer who is now sympathizing with those still in the business having to work ungodly hours through the season. But I am grateful too that I had a good career in retail, there is nothing like it when it comes to the holidays!

Having recently added Nik Silver Efex Pro to my software options, (actually I added the whole suite), I processed these two images. The opening image is just a straight filter Ambrotype and the image below I had already processed in OnOne for the scratched film effect, and in Photoshop, but Nik's software let me see them differently by using some of their filters. Thanks Nik!
Before Nik
Nik Silver Efex Pro Wet Rocks Filter with Kodak Tri-x 400 TX Pro

My First Home 1958 Snow Storm Priceless!
I am also really glad my Dad was a photographer so I can share images like this from the old neighborhood!

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