Sunday, November 7, 2010

Workshop Images

You never know where the road takes you or why, but just before I started the workshop here at the beach, I had been in communications with a Captain of a Schooner, working together on arranging a photo workshop aboard a Schooner on the bay for next year. We were talking about when and where and other things and I shared some images I made from the Governors cup, as an idea of what I would like to try and have on the sail workshop, "other sails on the bay to shoot." So he went to the link I provided and looked at my images. As I had to leave for the workshop on Thursday I explained to him I would probably not be in touch until I got back home.....and in some correspondence to me he wrote?

 "The spoken zen is not the true zen. Like the difference between the "photographer" who has all the latest gear, the best camera, all the filters, the great camera bag, the 10 gig card, the vest with all the pockets, the spot meter, etc... contrasted by the person who quietly brings herself into harmony with her environment, lets her surroundings speak to her, stands in awe of the angles and colors and textures and echoes of form... sees an image in her mind's eye, and slowly brings up the camera, hands working the controls without thinking, her mind focused on the shot... a soft click... and the image is recorded in her mind as indelibly as it is on the memory card in the camera.
How do you teach that? " ~A. N.~

Well.........I incorporated his words into the beginning of my slide presentation on Friday afternoon, as they described just exactly how I wanted my group to get in touch with the environment here to make their images.
I have to say I was bowled over by their creativity and talent. It was a very rewarding experience for me and I only hope they felt the same. I asked if I could share a few of the images they made on my blog and they all enjoy these images from the workshop! I must say, we had great light, great weather and great shooting.


  1. I must say wow on these from your students. Very creative group you had this weekend. Congratulations on completing your first 3 day workshop.

  2. Thanks so much for dropping by Nancy and Arthur, and leaving your notes. I am already looking forward to the April workshop I have scheduled by the sea. Until then I guess I will have to enjoy winter!