Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kent Island work boat harbor

Yesterday, after shooting at Sandy Point for sunrise, we headed over the Bay Bridge to Kent Island, where the oyster men and crabbers dock their work boats. I really love seeing the work boats and the equipment. I wonder what ever created the romance of the water man on the Chesapeake? It is anything but is darn hard brutal work in bad weather right now. A few of the men were coming and going and said they had some boats out in the brutal cold. Normally I would be shooting details on these boats with my 70-200 but it is in for repair after dropping it at the National Building Museum. Ouch! That left me the 300 2.8 to haul around the docks, but I love that lens for its sharpness. So I walked around the docks in the gray light of winter in freezing temps, just looking at all the boats and trappings of the water men, trying to come home with some images that reflect the scene, the day and the love of the water man on the Chesapeake.
      All of these images have been processed in Snapart2, with various settings.
After shooting here for a couple hours we headed to The Narrows for some great lunch.



  1. These are great intimate details of the marina. Certainly is a tough life for these fishermen.
    Love the detail.

  2. Thanks much Nancy, it was great to have you join us!