Sunday, January 30, 2011

Swipes and the Snowy Forest

Because Annette and I stayed out all day shooting on Friday in the snow, when it snowed, I have broken down the shoot shots into different this is about swipes and multiple in camera exposures........When we arrived at Marshy Point at 7:30 the sun had just broken the horizon and Annette dashed off to the pier for some shots while I lingered in the parking area enjoying the sunrise through the trees and some forest edges. The two following shots I processed in an old software program Topaz 2: with the Buzz Sim and water color filter as well as Photoshop......sometimes its good to go backwards...
In Camera Swipe
In Camera Swipe
After shooting the marsh edges, we paused a bit in the thick snow covered forest near the marsh and made some swipes and multiple exposures. The woodland floor was fairly cluttered so I chose to isolate the strong tree trunks in these images and not included the forest floor, turning them into abstracts.
These two shots were made in the deep snowy forest and processed in Photoshop. I have never seen the trees so covered on their trunks as I did with this wind driven snowfall. It was really beautiful!
In camera multiple exposure

In Camera Swipe

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