Monday, March 14, 2011

The "Car Farm" and my Macro 200 mm Lens.....

Yesterday I visited the Car Farm in Virginia, officially called The Roaring Twenties Antique Car Museum. I had a blast yesterday. We didn't actually go in the Museum we shot outside in the "Car Farm." Yes, cars out in the field rusting away in all their glory from the 40's, 50's and 60's.I wondered about the lives of the folks that used these cars and pondered the decades in which they were vital.
It was an extremely bright sunny day, with clear blue that means harsh shadows..and HDR..or some detail shooting. I love details for the beauty of their design and their shapes and textures. Hood ornaments, door handles, rust textures and paint me started. My first lens for the day was my 200 mm macro. I wandered a bit and then saw a car that was originally green, with deteriorating paint and red rust, I had to stop! That's where I wanted to begin my shooting for the day. The car I was working on actually looked like an old Chevy my dad had in the 50's, it was green too. I spent some time there with the macro.

As I continued to work the details I saw the deep blue sky reflecting off the deteriorating chrome and loved the combo of the blue and rust so I made some shots with that idea in  mind. The hairlike scratches on the locks made me wonder who had put their key into that lock many years ago.

The bright sun created interesting shadows on the peeling chrome adding dimension and texture. I made some shots with my iPhone as well, I will be posting more over the next day or so as I get them processed...

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