Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Longwood March 11....

Jeez, it seems like a long time since I was at Longwood with Chuck, so much has been going on.
I never even got a chance to finish processing images from that visit until today. Sometimes when you go out shooting you just don't find a groove; that was the case for me on this shoot. I had just visited Longwood a couple weeks before and made some images I liked, so this visit I was just wandering, trying to get a feel for what had changed. The first place I stopped to shoot was for a small pot of blue poppies near the children's gardens. I set up my tripod and coupled the 52mm extension tube onto my 200mm macro to see what I could come up with. I made two shots and realized the lens was fogging up so I had to wait until it acclimatized. I made a couple shots there before a man came up with a point and shoot camera and literally asked me to move my set up so he could take some pictures. OK now I don't mind sharing but isn't there a photographers decorum? Well, he was sent from some where in the Longwood management to get a picture for their blog...So I moved on. I made some close ups of the Clivia and wandered into the Mediterranean room where I enjoyed the display there and made some HDR shots which I later processed in Nik's HDR Efex Pro. After that I continued my ramble and came across the nectarine blossoms and made a few shots there....that was it a fast three hours...Chuck and I had a nice lunch and he headed home. I headed back out onto the grounds and made some iPhone shots...but that's another blog!
A Straight Shot! Imagine that ; - )

This is the same scene as above only a tighter shot and I ran the image through an App called VintageScene which has its roots in iPhone apps, now  stand alone App for the Laptop or desktop.
This image was run through onOne Photo Frame Pro for the texture effect.

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