Friday, March 18, 2011

Worthington Valley

This image is an HDR shot processed in Nik HDR Efex Pro, Nik Color Efex and then processed in Snapart2 for a painterly look.

Thursday morning I met Lewis on Shawan Valley Road to do a little morning shooting. We drove around a little until we found a scene off the main drag, where we could pull over. The area is horse country so jumps and trails are every where. The overnight temps had fallen and a little frost was on the ground. As the temps were rising the melting frost was creating some atmosphere.
Processed with Nik HDR Efex Pro and On One PhotoFrame Pro

Processed with Nik HDR Efex Pro and AlienSkin SnapArt2 and onOne PhotoFrame Pro

Porcessed in Nik Hdr Efex Pro and on One PhotoFramePro
We continued our morning drive and ended at St. John's Parish, and here's a little history of the place....

Determining that a sufficient number of communicants existed nearby, a group of prominent Worthington and Western Run Valley Episcopalians established a new church: St. John’s in the Valley. The cornerstone for the first church building was laid on June 3rd, 1816 by Bishop James Kemp, just four short years after a fellow Baltimorean, Francis Scott Key, penned his poetic words while observing the British bombardment of Fort McHenry 25 miles to the south. The completed structure was consecrated by the same clergyman on November 13, 1818.
On Christmas Day 1867, St. John’s Church was completely destroyed by fire with only its steeple bell and cornerstone to be salvaged. In March 1869, the rector secured a plan from Joshua Shorb, a principle in the firm of Shorb & Leister in Westminster, Maryland, to rebuild the church at a cost of $9000. The cornerstone was re-laid on August 17th, 1869 and services were held in the new sanctuary the following summer.
Today this splendid example of Gothic ecclesiastical architecture is a graceful landmark within the valled countryside of northern Baltimore County. The church building is complemented by its equally historic rectory, built in 1842.
It was a nice morning!

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  1. Love this series of hunt country in Maryland. You truly capture the beauty of the winter landscape.