Wednesday, March 2, 2011 Jetta and Me

Said goodbye to an old friend today....OK, so its not a super expensive car...the factory sticker had it at $16, 1991, and yes I do have the factory sticker and every maintenance ticket since it was new......this little car has been a part of my life for 20 years! Longer than any husband I ever had! It always took me wherever I wanted to go! and never failed me until this past summer when the starter motor failed and then again this past fall when the clutch cable popped in Fells Point...then a couple weeks ago I noticed a pretty bad scraping in the front wheel, brakes no doubt, and the little ticking noise when I put it in reverse...the trans....and the rust creeping ever so along the front window, because I had the windshield replaced twice and the paint seal became broken...(I had the rust fixed once).... The rust creeping along the drivers door because it too was replaced when someone jammed it hard in a mall shopping center.....and so when the repair bills totaled up it just did not make financial sense to keep her anymore and she was not safe to drive the way it was.......well, OK,  I do have a 2003 Passat and I just got a new Jeep this past fall so I am covered when it comes to transportation...but this little car was more than was my past.....I fell asleep in it on the way home from Annapolis Mall...after working some ungodly hours for weeks on end getting the store ready for its grand reopening after months of renovation.....I took some great road trips in it...Northern Michigan and New England.. ran it up over 100mph on I-95 one night......and it took me to the funerals of both my parents, and Aunt, my daughters graduation......and I had many a great summer ride in it with the sunroof open shifting through the gears on some country roads....Spent many a warm summer day lovingly washing it in the driveway. The tags LOYO292 bore  the name of my college I was so proud to have attended and was the 292 graduate to buy the tags from the College oops its a University now.....but they are gone I had to finally say I grabbed this one last shot as it sat out front of the shop doors where one of the mechanics bought it from me for the interior seats: Recaros, factory originals in great shape and maybe he will part it out after that...but she's gone! There is an empty space in the driveway...and...more......hard to believe I had such an attachment to this little car.......Oh and I ran this through Nik SIlver Efex Pro 2 for the toning..... Moving on down the road now...Thanks VW for the ride. Call me crazy...I loved that little car!

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